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Artist Statement 

Femmes live in Phases. We experience phases of body, mind, and soul, as well as phases in healing as survivors of society. In this exhibition, we explore the resilience of femmes by portraying those who have inspired us. 

Laine’s works fight the stigma of femme-based trauma by celebrating our growth in aftermath. Laine brings awareness to the many challenges we face, but not without showing the viewer how much we thrive afterwards. Healing is a journey, and these are the phases we go through from our lowest low, to our brilliant highs. 

Celeste depicts the way the moon parallels to femininity as a reminder that we own a deeper sense of self. The moon has always been tied to femininity in many cultures, from menstrual cycles, witchcraft, to softness. Femmes connect to an energy who illuminates the night, and that is only fitting since it is ourselves who are illuminating our own paths.

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