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The Feminine Urge


Artist Statement 

From the moment we are born, we are forced into social constructs that tell us what to like, how to dress, and so much more. We are continuously exposed to normalized sexism through television, books, media, almost everywhere we turn. So called “masculine” traits like aggression and stubbornness are glorified while more “feminine” traits like compassion and gentleness are criticized.


My work celebrates women and their resilience and strength that come from living in a patriarchal society as well as the exploration of their femininity. I create whimsical and ethereal woodcut wall hangings of women embracing their feminine softness My woodcuts illustrate those traits that so often we are shamed for in a positive light. The women I carve are vulnerable and gentle, they are delicate yet strong, even in the face of so much adversity. Using a combination of floral, celestial, and figurative elements, I display the power and beauty of the feminine spirit to help others feel empowered. 

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